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better practice throwing those ninja stars Ninja star time. Think you've got what it takes? You're going to have to sling those throwing weapons into the chests of all the bad guys rushing at you, and you've got to look like a legit ninja while you're doing it. Might seem like a tall task, but we think you'll have it handled handily. But you do have to dress for the part, too! As it turns out, we've got just the thing. This Women's Alluring Assassin Costume! It's ready for you to slip on, provided you're ready to become a fierce ninja warrior. And all you gotta do is add it to your cart, and we'll ship it right to your door. No visit to the local dojo required! Before you know it, you'll be sinking those stars into practice dummies with ease. Those bad guys would be wise to just steer clear of you! Design and Details Straight out of our own costume studios, we designed and made this costume right here at, and that mean's it's Made by Us! Made by Us means it's a step up in quality, comfort, and fit, and if you've perused other ninja costumes, we're sure you'll find this one especially to your liking. It comes with a hooded shirt, pants, and a mask. A polyester/spandex stretch blend gives it the perfect fit and feel, and it's even got some bells and whistles. Mesh sleeves and red trim straps along the pants legs give it unique and alluring style, so much so that we named it the Alluring Assassin Costume! Are you ready to suit up? Slip on the red facemask, and your identity will be safely concealed. You can become a fierce ninja warrior, or just make an appearance at the Halloween party to show off your impeccable costume style. When you choose this Women's Alluring Assassin Costume, we actually recommend that you do both!

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