Gearsnyper – Ride More Shop Less

I’ve spent a lot of time watching BonkTown, ChainLove, and SteepAndCheap.. There’s a bunch of other outdoor gear sites that I frequent. I got tired of visiting the pages so I create the Gearsnyper extension for Google Chrome. The extension makes it easy to track everything that’s going on across the aforementioned sites. A lesser known, and probably rarely used feature of the extension is that it let’s you enter search terms. The extension won’t bother you until it finds a match.

The extension works pretty good on the sites it monitors. However, there are a lot of killer deals on outdoor gear that go unnoticed or that disappear quickly. constantly scans the outdoor retail ecosystem and automatically finds sweet deals.

Now that the bots have got your back go out and ride, climb, hike, swim or whatever your soul desires. The tech will still be here, slowly conquering the world, when you get back.