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When you decide to go from playboating to creeking, it means you are taking things up a notch. Everything changes when you go from surfing waves to dropping waterfalls, and you want to make sure you have a premium paddle that can keep up. The Werner Powerhouse Carbon bent shaft paddle does just that, with just the right blend of weight, stiffness, and durability this paddle is ready to handle whatever creek comes your way. The carbon shaft and blade combo give this paddle Werner's lightest swing weight and highest impact resistance so you can successfully squeak through any slot.Quality performance and rugged durability are important when you don't have much room for error in narrow chutes that demand quick reactions and quicker turns. The carbon shaft gives excellent command without compromising your comfort. The ultra-strong yet lightweight feel of the carbon shaft allows an ideal flex that balances a powerful catch with an effortless stroke. The Neutral Bent shaft shape further improves paddling as it aligns wrists in an ergonomic position that reduces fatigue and increases contact for confident handling. While the shaft promotes a more relaxed and comfortable paddling form, the carbon blade helps maintain power and agility. The asymmetrical dihedral blade shape optimizes a smooth forward stroke for river running with a pronounced tip that gives an instant bite in the critical propulsion phase. A superior stiffness and strength granted by the blade's reinforced spine enhances maneuverability for linking strokes and maintaining control. The larger 111in2 blade size suits larger, well-conditioned paddlers but also provides a strong catch and awesome acceleration power so you can be sure you maintain your intended course.

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