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Ditch the slider pins and switch to the smooth-operating Voile Speed Rail Splitboard Binding's intuitive hook-to-axle interface. The Speed Rail does away with pesky slider pins for an upward-facing hook that attaches to a solid axle, allowing free-pivoting action when you're touring uphill. When it's time to ride, simply pop off the binding, slide it front-to-back on Voile Pucks, and snap down the rear-locking latch. It's really that easy and quick during transitions, providing an excellent touring and riding interface. The Ride-N-Stride Highback features a forward lean toggle that pops in and out between ride and tour mode. Pulled outwards, the forward lean toggle slides away from the heelcup, giving you an additional 25-degrees of stride length. When it's time to ride, simply snap it back down to obtain your pre-set forward lean setting. The Heel Lockdown feature is essential for cruising over rolling meadows en route to the ascent, traversing ridgelines, and side-stepping, while its brass bushings provide greater reliability over time, without being suspect to premature wear. The rest of the binding retains its upgraded straps from last season, 6061-T6 aluminum baseplate, and fully adjustable heelcup. Please note, the Speed Rail Splitboard Binding comes with dual-height climbing wires, touring brackets, and mounting hardware for both the climbing wires and touring brackets. It doesn't come with Voile Pucks, which are sold separately.

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