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Nobody likes wearing body armor. It's heavy and hot. It feels unnatural and binds up, restricting movement. Well, most body armor is like that. Because most protection is so uncomfortable, the good folks at Troy Lee Designs teamed up with their friends at Shock Doctor to create lightweight, comfortable body armor. The result is a full line of protection that you won't even know you're wearing until you're upside down six feet above the ground and your bike is nowhere to be found. One element of this line of products is the Troy Lee Designs LPS 4600 Short. The LPS 4600 protects the hips, thighs, and tailbone area with a lightweight, low-profile design that stays cool and comfortable and won't bind or move around. TLD started the LPS 4600 with a four-way stretch mesh body. The mesh allows air to flow freely through the short to keep you cool. This synthetic material also pulls sweat away from your body to keep you dry and eliminate the clammy feeling that some materials can give you. Four-way stretch allows the fabric to move in any direction, so the shorts won't bind while you move. This stretch property also makes the short more durable, because it stretches instead of tearing, and (with a little help from silicone grippers), keeps the short from sliding around on your body while you ride. The main body of fabric was designed with a relaxed fit that feels natural in the normal riding position. This relaxed fit is less intrusive than a compression short, which can be comfortable, but isn't necessary for DH and freeriding. The protection side of things is provided by Troy Lee's low-profile foam panels. These panels are designed to ride close to the skin without the bulky feeling that thick pads and hard shells are infamous for. The panels are cut into natural-feeling anatomic shapes that move comfortably with the body. Padding is provided for the thighs, hips, and in back at the tailbone area. TLD also included tapered legs that keep the short from riding up with...

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