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The Suunto Kailash GPS Watch is designed for avid travelers who spend every week in a different country. It's chock-full of features that are useful as you explore new environments, and is Bluetooth-enabled, which allows you to receive basic notifications on the watch, as well as view your Adventure Timeline through the 7R app. The Adventure Timeline is a tracking system that records your ongoing travel course, recording the number of countries you've visited, distance you've traveled, and other information like how many day you've been in a location. When you step off the plane in a new place, the Kailash automatically updates your time and location, and you can easily switch back and forth between world time and home time views. As you wander through new locals, you can track your steps, and though the Kailash isn't classified as a fitness watch, it's interesting to see how much you've explored on foot. You can mark points of interest you find along the way, and pull up a basic map of your location. The basic navigation feature will help you find your points of interest again, and an altimeter, barometer, and compass ensure you always know your direction, elevation, and if any storms are on the horizon. Besides being a practical, useful watch for travel, the Kailash is incredibly sleek and stylish. A durable titanium bezel makes it seamlessly transition from wear with suits in meetings to wear with your favorite t-shirt and jeans while you roam an exotic place. The silicon band withstands wear and tear better than a traditional leather band, and goes well with anything, while a sapphire crystal face protects the digital screen.

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