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The RS Pro series is Sugoi's best-selling collection of cycling bottoms, and the RS Pro Women's Bib Knickers are the flagship of the fleet. They've been a classic for years, but Sugoi updated them for this go-round with new fabric designs that make the RS Pros even more breathable, comfortable, and supportive. Sugoi claims the RS Pros are the most comfortable knickers in the world, a quality attributable primarily to the fabric architecture. The RS Pros feature three fabrics--wind-dodging Ultra Aero, durable Firo, and supportive Tri Force--without sacrificing their trademark comfort or breathability. All these fabrics are cut in ergonomic panels and joined with flatlock seams to prevent irritation, so you can spend hours in the saddle without worrying about chafing. To construct the bibs, Sugoi used its Mobil Mesh fabric, which is supremely stretchy and breathable. It also endowed the RS Pros with its renowned Pit Stop quick-release technology, which lets you quickly disconnect the bibs for easy hassle-free breaks to answer the call of nature. The finishing touch is the Women's Formula FX chamois, which provides flexible and breathable protection for your sensitive areas, letting you spend more time in the saddle with less discomfort.

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