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The SRAM Red Aero Link Brake Caliper Set positions the Red braking experience apart from the herd with reduced weight and higher braking power. As the name implies, it also has a sleek front profile that boast increased aerodynamics over its Red predecessors and current cousins in the Force and Rival families. The Red calipers utilize SRAM's patented AeroLink arm, hinging on a tiny pivot joint that hides behind the svelte calipers and multiplies braking power and modulation without increasing required lever squeeze force. This unique innovation allowed SRAM to significantly reduce the caliper's frontal area, evident in the simplified cable routing and single arm in comparison to the former dual-arm triangular structure still found in the Force and Rival calipers. In addition to the reduction in front surface area, SRAM attended to every detail of the caliper to ensure maximum aerodynamic efficiency. From the spring adjusters to the cable clamp to the caliper's overall face, no detail was overlooked in its potential to reduce drag. This attention to detail is apparent in tiny details such as SRAM's redesign of the oft-overlooked shaping of each caliper's two-position barrel adjuster, which now takes on a shark fin profile to literally slice through the wind. SRAM accounts for in-ride brake adjustability with an easy to access four-position indexed release lever that makes quick positioning changes a breeze but sits stealthily out of the wind when fully locked. The SRAM Red Aero Link Brake Caliper Set is compatible with SRAM road shift-brake levers and will accommodate tires up to 28mm in width. Each brakeset includes SRAM's aero pad retainers and ships with SwissStop Flash Pro pads.

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