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Say hello to your new go everywhere do everything snowboard, the Slash ATV Snowboard. This directional twin is a stable all-mountain shredder that is equally at home carving up groomers as it is boosting big hits in the powder. This versatility starts with a beefy eight out of ten flex rating created by the wood core and carbon laminates. This stiff rating sounds intimidating but is still easily manipulated for controlled turns while providing excellent stability for charging big lines and stomping big airs. The ATV begs for you to express yourself during this airtime with a powerful camber profile that makes laying an edge a breeze so that you can dial in your takeoffs or big mountain carves or just lay some dream-like trenches on the groomers. The ATV is slightly set-back, giving you a slightly longer nose for straight-line stability and added float, but without sacrificing its ability to stomp switch landings. Slash's Reactive Flex uses two unique types fiberglass types in combination with the specially-profiled core to allow the board to flex across the width. For example, when boardsliding a rail, the edges bend upwards to prevent you from catching an edge. When carving a turn, it works the other way around. The board's edges flex downward, making for a concave base that adds extra grip. Keeping it extremely light without giving up full-throttle response, the Forever Woodcore is comprised of paulownia, spruce, beech, and poplar for a board that immediately reacts to rider inputs. Another high-end feature are Buried Treasure additives of carbon, KEVLAR, and basalt fibers. These premium additives increase its snap and explosiveness when you're rallying the ATV off stacked pillows, cliff drops, and pro-sized jumps. As expected with a board of this pedigree, the Sintered HD base features added carbon particles for a harder, more durable composition and faster glide.

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