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Following the line of evolution of the XTR M9020 levers, the XTR BL-M9120 Brake Lever sees major improvements that increase performance across the board for enduro and aggressive trail riding applications. The new lever is designed to pair with the M9120 4-piston caliper, offering power that rivals Shimano Saint brakes, but with greater modulation for improved braking control in unfamiliar terrain and blind race stages. The lever also sees quicker pad engagement with a shorter free stroke, and the bite point issues of previous generations have been eliminated thanks to the new Servo Wave design with seamless operation. Other changes include an offset lever clamp with an additional handlebar contact point on the master cylinder, effectively increasing the clamp width for greater lever rigidity and improved braking response, all without compromising handlebar space for your dropper post remote and shifter. The lever is compatible with Shimano's newest I-Spec shift lever mount, I-Spec EV, for a clean and organized cockpit with a wider adjustment range for the shifter position. The shape of the lever blade has been updated as well, making it more comfortable for 2-finger braking when you need some extra power on steep descents, and the lever rebounds more quickly between braking actions so you can give all your focus to the trail ahead. You may be wondering where the M9120 falls in comparison to the equally new and shiny M9100 brake. While the M9100 may shed grams over the M9120, you'll find that it lacks the adjustability, and some of the stopping power. The M9120 uses two more pistons in the calipers making it more ideal for enduro and trail shredding, while the M9100's minimalist approach slides it to the ideal spot for racing cross country and marathon. That's because 9100 skips the bells and whistles, like Servo Wave technology, and free stroke adjust, opting for a more minimalist, but featherweight approach. The Shimano XTR M9120 Brake Levers come in...

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