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Though the glossies might have you believing that the front derailleur is facing inevitable extinction, there's no shame in wanting to hold onto your granny gear for your climb-heavy rides. When Shimano gave the SLX drivetrain its extensive makeover for 2016, the brand introduced a few well-executed changes to bring the SLX FD-M7020 2x11 Front Derailleur firmly into the present. Trickle-down technology delivered a side-swing design that improves tire clearance to get along far better with stubbier chainstays and long-travel bikes than before, giving SLX staying power in the face of constantly-changing trends. It also improved the shifting action and power, ensuring you'll step cleanly between big and small ring, rather than jumping painfully, without requiring you to expend extra energy with heavy-handed shift initiation. Like the rest of SLX, the Front Derailleur also received the same clean aesthetic makeover, returning sleeker and more streamlined than ever, making an enviable addition to your trail bike or enduro sled.

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