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Shimano SH-XC70 SPD Shoe As the second in line in Shimano's XC-Racing family of shoes, the XC70 offers high-end performance at a price-point that is in reach for enthusiast trail riders. The SH-XC70 utilizes Shimano's Custom-fit technology throughout the shoe design. The upper and insole are heat-moldable and adapt to your foot's shape as you ride, ensuring a glove like fit that delivers miles and miles of comfort. Tough synthetic leather upper construction offers great protection and excellent durability that will keep you pedaling for the long haul. Through Shimano's Dynalast technology, the SH-XC70's toe-spring section is optimized to promote a smoother, more energy-efficient upstroke by reducing the loss of power that occurs during the backspin direction of a pedal stroke. Once it's time to push back through the stroke, the lightweight carbon fiber composite sole provides a stiff platform that converts that saved energy in power and acceleration. This means that the whole pedal rotation serves as a cycle to produce snappier output and prolonged endurance. The Shimano SH-XC70 is a true bang-for-your-buck cycling shoe. With top-level performance and dashing good looks, it doesn't get much better than the Shimano SH-XC70. Features: Heat moldable Custom-fit Technology Tough synthetic leather upper construction Cross X Strap is optimized for relieving tension on top of foot during push-off Anti-slip heel material prevents heel lift during hikes Shimano Dynalast technology Ultra-stiff carbon fiber midsole shank and outsole plate Mud-shedding polyurethane lugs with low-profile spikes Specifications: Best matched with PD-M780 Compatibility: 2-hole (SPD) Weight: 632g (size 40) Shimano Shoes - Men EU US 36 3.7 37 4.5 37.5 4.8 38 5.2 38.5 5.5 39 5.8 39.5 6.2 40 6.7 40.5 7.2 41 7.6 41.5 8 42 8.3 42.5 8.7 43 8.9 43.5 9.3 44 9.7 44.5 10.2 45 10.5 45.5 10.9 46 11.2 46.5 11.5 47 11.8 48 12.3 49 13.2 50 14.2 51 15.2 52 16.2 | Shimano SH-XC70 SPD Shoes Men's Size 44 in Black

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