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Shimano PD-A520 Pedals The Shimano A520 pedal is a practical single-sided platform clipless road pedal that's compatible with 2-bolt SPD mountain cleats. The advantage of the single side design is reduced weight, better ground clearance and improved aerodynamics. These clipless pedals require clipless specific cycling shoes with 2-bolt SPD cleat mounts, which then snap into the pedal. We here at Jenson think they're the idea gravel bike or commuter pedal, as they have nearly the weight of race-level XTR pedals without the extreme price. If you require walkable clipless shoes and are riding mosty non-technical terrail that doesn't require split second, stomp-down clipping in, this pedal is just the ticket. By utilizing the standard 2-bolt pattern seen in mountain bike cleats, the A520 provides a larger cage platform for added comfort and power transfer. A larger platform ensures more of the energy you're putting into your pedal stroke will actually propel you forward instead of getting lost trying to balance on smaller platforms, as well as improve comfort below the foot. The sealed cartridge bearings require minimal maintenance, so you can concentrate on your ride. Finally, adjustable cleat tension allowsyou to fine-tune the pedal's release tension to your preferences. At a mere 315g a pair, can be installed on your road racing bike with almost no weight penalty. Light weight, aerodynamic single-entry SPD design. Recessed SPD shoe compatible system allows for off the bike walking and efficient cycling. Low maintenance sealed cartridge axle unit. Adjustable cleat tension for each ride preference. The legacy of Shimano Design, Quality and Performance. Weight: 315g a pair.

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