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The Santa Cruz Stigmata CC Rival complete cyclocross bike may have been born on the 'cross course, but it's more than earned its stripes as one of the most coveted all-road adventure bikes available today. With a massive gear range, powerful brakes, and serious tire clearance, the Stigmata is ready to race 'cross, ride gravel, and even mix it up in your local crit series with little more than a change of tires. Although it's come to be regarded as one of the most versatile drop bar bikes to date, the Stigmata was born to do battle on a cyclocross race track. That means a few things--namely that it's built to be rugged with plenty of clearance for mud. Following the current trends in 'cross geometry, the Stigmata forgoes the high bottom bracket and relaxed head angle that once defined the genre, in favor of a lower, steeper geometric concept that's found favor in recent years. But in spite of the Stimata's intended use as a 'cross racer, the team at Santa Cruz knew that it would see plenty of use outside of the confines of course tape. To that end, the Stigmata was built to accommodate two full-size bottles in the front triangle--a feature that 'cross purists will argue is unnecessary, but which is invaluable for those taking the Stigmata in a different direction. The Stigmata has endeared itself to riders of diverse backgrounds in part because the very features that make it such a formidable steed on the 'cross course lend it serious functionality for covering ground on gravel roads, singletrack trails, and in a paceline. Although you might scoff at the idea of the Stigmata replacing a dedicated road bike, it's done precisely that for a growing number of skeptics--including several members of the Competitive family. The finely-tuned flex significantly reduces road chatter, while the massive downtube and chainstays channel your efforts to the back wheel with enthusiastic efficiency. The modern 'cross geometry is quite similar to what you'd find on a World Tour-deri..

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