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As a bike specifically bred for the high speeds and rough stages of the Enduro World Series, you can count on the Santa Cruz Hightower LT Carbon CC XX1 Eagle Reserve Complete Mountain Bike to level up your trail game on technical, rugged trails and add an injection of speed and confidence. Based off of the industry-lauded Hightower, the LT is supercharged with more travel and slacker angles to improve its composure on blown out enduro race courses while not holding you back on climb-heavy days with plenty of uphill and is playful in the park and at home on lift accessed and shuttle terrain. This particular set up is one of its premium builds, utilizing its CC Carbon frame with FOX Factory suspension on both ends and SRAM's range-topping XX1 group and Code RSC stoppers. Of course, the Reserve 30 hoops are worth a mention as it works in conjunction with the Boost spacing to offer the proper stiffness for pinpoint accuracy under hard cornering and pushing the bike in demanding terrain. The original Hightower is a shining example of an all-arounder whereas the Hightower LT is a little more burley and born of the needs of Santa Cruz's Enduro World Series racers, who are just about as fast as they come and need just a little something extra than the Hightower to compete at the highest level. First off, its travel got bumped up to 150mm requiring a new rear triangle and linkage, and in the process forgoes the Hightower's 27. 5 Plus compatibility. Considering that Plus tires lack the durability and thus hasn't found acceptance with racers at the sport's top levels, we're inclined to agree that the Hightower LT's move to a dedicated 29-inch chassis is the correct choice for a bike of this nature. This dedication to 29-inch wheels also means that the LT does away with the Hightower's adjustable geometry, courtesy of a flip chip, in favor of a fixed position upper link that's been updated to provide the aggressive feel demanded by some of the fastest enduro racers on earth...

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