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When it comes to dream bikes, big ideas are never in short order at the Competitive Cyclist office. We spend copious amounts of time putting together builds that we'd eagerly saddle up on, should out bank accounts allow it. And while most of the time those bikes live on in our head as theoretical trail beasts, Santa Cruz brings dreams into reality with the Hightower Carbon CC XX1 Eagle AXS Reserve Mountain Bike. The new Hightower is built to stray from its predecessor, and walk a new line of capability. It tosses old geometry by the wayside, blowing beyond previous generations of the Hightower and Hightower LT, and finding a nice spot to hang out just between the Tallboy and the Megatower. It packs in all-new geometry from the old Hightower, and stretches further than even the LT before it -- plus new lower linkage that lends queues to the Nomad for total downhill stability, and a flip-chip for flexibility. The result is a powerful trail bike that's capable of holding its own in the rough and rowdy, and racing back up to the top to get another lap of hits. And while we could spend days just talking about how the bike rides, we'd be doing you a disservice to not touch on the components that really set this model apart. Santa Cruz partners up the Hightower's all-mountain versatility with the best of the best components on this build, employing RockShox's finest Ultimate suspension package to soak up big hits without bottoming out, Santa Cruz's own carbon hoops laced up to Industry Nine's snappiest hub ever, and, of course, the head turning SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS groupset that offers snappy shifts, complete programmable shifter, and the tidiest cockpits we've seen on this side of the Mississippi. Throughout Santa Cruz's lineup, the Hightower has long been known as a do-it-all trail bike, capable of backcountry endurance adventures in the Santa Cruz mountains, and fast laps at your local trail network when you need to hammer out as many post-workday miles as possible. It...

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