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Even if you're looking to ride 100 days this season, that doesn't mean you should sacrifice style at the expense of functional support and plush comfort. Proving this, the Salomon Kiana Women's Snowboard Boot was created with an optimal mixture of mid-flexing response and drop-dead good looks. ZoneLock lacing independently tightens the upper and lower zones of the boots with a quick tug of each lacing handle. Not only does this system eliminate the need to mess with pesky laces, but more importantly, it fine-tunes the upper and lower zones for a fine-tuned fit. The laces neatly tuck into pockets on each side for a neater appearance without worrying about snagging issues. Comfortably cradling your feet and ankles, the Diamond liner features heat-moldable foam with cozy fleece lining atop the liner for comfortable entry and exit. Because it's heat-moldable, it conforms to the individual contours of your feet to eliminate painful pressure points. Salomon even constructed this liner to be fully washable, should you feel the need to keep them fresh throughout the long season.

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