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Buy It Now! | Salomon Snowboards > The Salomon 6 Piece Snowboard is a jibber's ride, made to be playful so you can express yourself with your turns, pops, and sends just like the riders from the trading cards and sugar cereal era. Easy Press core construction helps you load up the nose and tail for rail and butter performance, with a soft and forgiving flex for gentler skill progression. The Salomon 6 Piece Snowboard is a board for the rider who is looking to develop a style of their own and grow their bag of tricks. Soft Flex A soft flexing board is more maneuverable at slow speed and more forgiving in general. This flex is great for beginner and intermediate riders and for the advanced rider who prefers a looser more skate like feel for freestyle riding 2 x 4 Insert Pattern No Chip Tips 2.0 True Twin Sintered Engineered for super fast glide in everything from fresh pow to sticky spring snow. Sintered material provides superior wax retention, Gallium strengthens impact resistance, and the Electra finish gives a turbocharged glide. | Salomon 6 Piece Snowboard 2020

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