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Your little ripper has always come to a stop by initiating a controlled pizza about 100 yards out, but now they're experimenting with hockey stops and it won't be long until you're getting sprayed at the bottom of every run. Get a ski that can keep up with your advancing shredder with the Rossignol Sprayer Pro Ski. Designed for green circle heroes with sights on blue squares, the Sprayer Pro is a great ski for young weekend warriors to learn on. It's got a thin 72mm waist that's perfect for small feet and groomed runs, with a traditional camber profile that gives them plenty of stability as they start to move up to higher speeds. The Sprayer Pro is also park-compatible, with twin tips that allow for easy airs and smooth landings, so they'll be hitting side jumps and 180s in no time. Look Kid-X 4 bindings are conveniently included so these skis are ready to rip right away.

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