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By now, you're sick and tired of hearing about the latest shapes and space-age tech increasingly prevalent in the board industry, especially when all you desire is something that's smooth, predictable, and a ton of fun across the mountain's natural zones and man-made parks. That's where the Ride Women's Compact Snowboard comes into play, pushing aside boards with questionable tech and gimmicky outlines in favor of a proven directional shape and mellow flex pattern. Ride designed this board for the ambitious beginner-to-intermediate ripper seeking a board that'll keep up with their rapidly progressing skills, yet something that's not overly stiff or aggressive when they're learning tricks and exploring new areas of the mountain. The Compact is built off a Directional Rocker profile that's totally flat underfoot. Flat boards maintain solid edge hold and stability as you pick up speed, as the board's effective edge has continuous connection with the snow. Unlike camber, flat boards won't exhibit catchiness while linking turns and landing tricks, making them a great choice for riders starting out. To help ease the learning process, Ride uses a large nose rocker and subtle tail rocker to reduce the chance of hooking up on turns, as well as keeping you afloat once it starts dumping on powder days. Because the Compact is built with the beginner-to-intermediate in mind, it's a refreshingly simple board made with tip-to-tail aspen wood for durability and a smooth, consistent flex. Biax fiberglass keeps it a bit softer torsionally, so lighter riders can easily manipulate the board without feeling like they're at the gym doing squats. Roll In Slimewalls dampen vibration with the softer urethane placed directly into the sidewall, which is then wrapped with a 3D fiberglass structure to eliminate topsheet chipping in the event of a crash. Ride also keeps the base easy to maintain with its extruded material, which doesn't require the regular waxing of its high-end sintered co...

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