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Petzl's innovative Reactik Headlamp automatically adjusts its brightness based off distance in order to provide a longer burn time, visual comfort, and minimal handling. Look from the trail ahead of you down to your skis, or your climbing harness, and you'll instantly notice the headlamp adjusting its brightness from a powerful beam to a close-range light. By adjusting the beam's distance from two-hundred to ninety feet, the Reactik's battery is able to stay bright for nearly half a day, and the battery is USB rechargeable so you don't have to purchase new batteries every time you go ski touring, rock climbing, hiking, or backpacking. To make sure you get the most of the battery, Petzl included a lock function that prevents the headlamp from turning on when it's in your backpack. Petzl also added a partially-padded, adjustable, and washable headband, as if this headlamp weren't already completely convenient enough.

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