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CLIMB SAFE WITH THE PETZL BODY HARNESS.Be a smart parent and help your kids feel safe as they start to climb. With The Petzl Body Harness it is easier than ever. It is built specifically for the Macchu Seat Harness (not included) and straps and tightens easily and comfortably. Made of breathable material, your kids will not only have fun, but they'll feel great too. FEATURESElevated tie-in points align better with the child's center of gravity and reduce the risk of inversion during a fallComfortable and easy to adjustDoubleback buckles allow quick and easy adjustment of the shoulder strapsPadded surface for greater comfortAdjustableTECH SPECSMaterials: Nylon, Polyester, EVA, Polyurethane,SteelChest Measurement: 56 cmNeck Measurement: 26 cm

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