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Pearl Izumi's Pursuit line is made to match up with other manufacturer's top offerings, helping cyclists tests their limits. Unlike many other brands' race kit, though, Pearl's PRO Pursuit Graphic Shorts add some colorful flare to the performance-minded package, allowing for some personal expression (or just increased visibility to motorists and other road users) while you're grinding out base miles or reaching for a QOM. Regardless of the day's training schedule, Pearl's PRO Transfer In-R-Cool body fabric will ensure that your shorts provide compressive support, active moisture management, and even a bit of temperature regulation so you can focus less on uncomfortable shorts and more on painful hill repeats. The fabric pulls moisture from your skin and diffuses it across the surface, hastening drying and ensuring you don't have to suffer long in the sweaty aftermath of those repeats. Raw-edge legs and a wide waistband keep the shorts in place with low-profile security, reducing the number of transitional ridges and seams in pursuit of marginal aerodynamic gains. Frankly, though, the raw leg openings just feel lux, and--when confronting a day of threshold training--every small comfort helps. Unlike many other lie-flat cuffs, Pearl's are finished with silicone grip in order to ensure they don't wander up and down with your pedal stroke. The PRO Pursuit chamois is designed for racing. It's the most complicated chamois in Pearl's line, and it involves multiple layers of material that provide light cushion, ventilation, and a smooth, anti-odor outer face. The idea is to keep you drier and increase road feel without emphasizing road noise--again, a nod to the small details that help take some of the sting out of intense efforts.

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