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One of our favorite parts of bikepacking is its true minimalist nature. Packing in only the essentials, and pushing into the wild beyond with little more than our legs to propel us, whether its for a quick overnighter, or a multi-week expedition. That doesn't mean we don't come prepared, though, and what better way to pack in your essentials than with the Ortlieb Frame Pack? This streamlined, but burly pack offers you up to 6-liters of space (size large) for tools, food, and gear, and with total waterproof protection that earned an IP67 rating, so your gear can stay desert dry, even when you're caught in torrential downpour. The bag itself is simple. It secures to your bike with an assortment of hook-and-loop straps for a wiggle-free ride, and offers you storage with a low center of gravity to keep you stable on the bike. It has one main compartment with plenty of space for your heavier gear, and a hook-and-loop strap internally to prevent awkward bulging on the bag. Its waterproof nylon construction with waterproof zipper has been proven to keep your belongings totally dry in even the harshest downpours, letting you push yourself to the end of the rain clouds to set up camp free of soggy sleeping bags and wet cereal.

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