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Add a touch of Italian flair to your feet with the Men'sExtreme GT Cycling Shoe from Northwave. Designed to be both lightweight andstiff, they'll help you spin up the steepest climbs and ensure no efforts arewasted in those 4-digit wattage sprints. Add to that clean looks and a refinedfit and you end up with some shoes that'll put a smile on your face every timeyou cinch them up before a ride. The upper is constructed using a patented Xframe techniqueand uses ultralight materials that are a super thin 0. 5 mm thick. This providesa snug and evenly distributed fit without pressure points or hot spots. Asingle SLW2 dial cinches down the upper with step-by-step adjustments for anear-custom fit and easy adjustment on the bike with a full release from asingle button. Inside the shoe, an integrated heel system with a cat's tonguelike material keeps slipping at bay and anchors the heel. The PerformanceRegular footbed works in conjunction with the intake and exhaust ports in theshoe's sole to keep your feet cool and dry during the hottest rides and it sitsjust above the Anatomical Arch Support that caters to a variety of archheights. Speaking of soles, these Extreme GT shoes get the MorphCarbon 12 S sole featuring a full-carbon insert in the pedal area with a stiffnessindex of 12. 0 out of 15 on the Northwave scale. The shoe's come stock workingwith any 3-bolt road cleat and the NW Speedplay insert, sold separately,eliminates the need for the standard adapter for a super low stack heightbetween your foot and the pedal spindle.

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