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There are days when the strongest determining factor of the length of your ride is your level of comfort, and a sub-par pair of bibs are quick to have you turning around and heading back to the garage after just a few miles. To give you comfort and support that won't quit half-way into your ride, Louis Garneau crafts the CB Carbon Lazer Cycling Bib Shorts for Women. Built for cyclists who aim to simplify soar down the tarmac regardless of the day, these ergonomic bibs are ready for hill sprints, all-day training rides, and race days alike. Much of the shorts' material construction is the same as the men's version, but the six panels are laid-out in a women-specific fit and the bibs -- ever a source of contention for we ladies of the peloton -- are also shaped for women. The standard Farmer John suspender-style bibs work great if you're built like a Boonen, but for those of us whose bodies look more like a Hosking or a Stevens, the CB Carbon Lazer's semi-mono bib construction is a better fit. The bib also features extra stretch, alleviating the issues women typically encounter with bibs when nature calls, without the need for shedding layers or detaching straps. The shorts take their name from the CB Carbon main body fabric, a material composed of nylon, Lycra, and carbon fibers finished with a coldblack coating to help the fabric reflect, rather than absorb, UV rays. CB Carbon is supplemented with CB Lazer Rev (another namesake) and CB Gladiator, which provide durable wear and compressive benefits. LG uses Highlander Mesh on the bibs, which provides the expected blend of stretch, breathability, and a barely-there fit for unobstructed layering. That unobtrusiveness is reflected in the shorts' understated aesthetics. While they aren't as embellished as many of LG's other shorts, the CB Carbon Lazer shorts do still afford a bit of flair to set you apart from the too-cool-for-school crowd in solid black. After all, cycling is supposed to be about enjoying yourself,...

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