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Product Condition The GRX FC-RX810 Crankset is in Good condition Crankset is in good condition Was previously owned for approximately 6 weeks Crankset has been installed Has some marks on teeth of small chainring from chain being installed Shows little to no other signs of use Sold as-is All warranties void Size Unisex 170mmColor BlackRetail Cost 23499Off-road miles come with more vigorous demands than sticking to the tarmac and as such its unreasonable to assume featherweight road components are suited for the demands of gravel riding Shimano saw to it that you dont have to choose between mountain or road setups this year with its launch of the GRX groupset and the GRX FC-RX810 Crankset provides Ultegra-level stiffness with gravel-minded gearingShimano has the technical expertise and manufacturing prowess to create industry-leading shifting and stiffness to weight for the rings and crank arms respectively The latter property is owed to Shimanos Hollowtech II arm construction a heavily guarded secret Where other manufacturers drill the arms to reduce weight or create two sides and clam-shell them together Shimano is able to forge the arms and still keep them hollow As with the Shimano 8100 series Shimano adds some width to the XR810s arms and orients the spider to more efficiently transfer energy during important power phases throughout the pedal stroke The asymmetric spider and chainring spacing allows Shimano to put two chainring bolts close to the wider arms further adding rigidity to the rings for better shifting and power transferWhy We Like The GRX FC-RX810 Crankset DWGAP8F

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