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When your scheduled ride is more gray than you expected, pull on the Gore Wear Women's C3 Thermo Tights+ to power through in comfort. The front is protected by a Gore Windstopper membrane which prevents wind from stealing your hard-earned body heat, while the rear features synthetic material that breathes well and manages moisture. A Thermo lining helps trap in warmth to keep your muscles from becoming chilled and feels so soft against your skin, you might almost believe you're wearing sweatpants--but with a slim fit that eliminates the baggy bunching you would struggle with if you rode in sweats. Articulated knees ensure you can pedal with plenty of freedom to move, and the elastane content of the fabric further enables the tights to move with you. A center back pad rounds out the protective nature of these tights, keeping spray from your rear tire from seeping in to chill you.

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