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Giordana clothing is a perennial favorite here at Competitive Cyclist. The quality of materials used and the fit is simply outstanding and we more often than not reach for their clothes when getting ready for a ride. It's no surprise that we found a winner in the Lungo Short Sleeve Men's Jersey. Attention to detail and fabrics are top notch and the cut is slightly less aggressive than its racing fit, making it perfect for casual rides and days when you're looking to take in the scenery and not just stare at a bike computer.Many brands will make sacrifices with the material when it's not in the race-cut lineup. Not so with Giordana. The fabric is soft and comfortable with excellent moisture management properties, thanks to the specific weave of the interior and exterior, creating channels that move moisture to the outside of the jersey where it can evaporate. On the rear of the jersey, a modified hammerhead shoulder design holds the jersey in place eliminating flapping or bunching when in the riding position.Gran fondos and epic rides are what this jersey is designed for and Giordana ensures that you'll have plenty of room for clothes, food, and other essentials. Three traditional rear pockets also see two additional side pockets and a small zippered pocket on the rear, so you can carry everything needed for an epic day on the bike. Safety wise, the jersey has reflective bands on the arms and on the rear to ensure motorists will see you before the sun rises or after it sets. A soft jacquard elastic waistband keeps the jersey in place and a full-length zipper allows this handsome jersey to perform as good as it looks.

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