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If you're like many of us, your knees get cold the minute the mercury dips. Rather than suffering in your winter tights, the Giordana Body Clone Leg Warmers provide just enough warmth for the shoulder season. Unlike many warmers, which are merely bulky tubes of knit fabric, the Body Clones are sewn with a variable density knit. This allows the warmers to be thicker on the areas that need more protection, such as the fronts of the knees, and thinner in others, such as the backs of your knees. This precise-fitting warmer fits snugly and securely under your shorts, or over. The knit is made of Dryarn, which is durable and insulating while being lightweight. It also helps to transfer excess moisture to the outside of your skin, keeping you dry and warm. The Body Clone warmers have only a few flatlock-stitched seams for maximum comfort.

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