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Thermal jerseys have long been the realm of club cuts and ill-fitting elastic hems and cuffs. Giordana changes that with its FR-C Raggi Women's Jersey, which combines the functional versatility of a thermal jersey with all of Giordana's FormaRed-Carbon (FR-C) race line. This includes, primarily, fit, which means the FR-C Raggi is slim and close-fitting instead of shapeless and wind-flapping. The jersey's body fits less like your gran fondo uncle's retro wool jersey and more like the summer-weight stuff that you wear for race day. That FR-C DNA also manifests in the cuffs and hem, which are lie-flat bands instead of blousy elastics. The hem is an especially marked departure in terms of fit, as it rises in the front. This may produce a slight bib/jersey gap while you're standing, but the jersey isn't made for standing. It's made for riding. And when you're in the saddle, the fit clicks into place and helps eliminate the bulging and rippling across the stomach that plagues standard thermal fare. Every one of those bulges is a potential foothold for drag, so reducing them means reducing your aerodynamic footprint. It also just looks a helluva lot better. The jersey's FR-C pattern is shaped from a material called Dolomiti, a thermal synthetic blend named for the Italian mountain range that plays host to much of the Euro calendar's cycling drama and requires this kind of warmth almost year-round. Dolomiti is a high-stretch, breathable material with lightweight insulation that clings to body warmth with the surprising tenacity of classics specialist Di Luca clinging to the pure climbers' wheels in the mountains of the same name. In addition to standing alone as an interval or cold-weather race jersey, the material's breathability means the jersey is also well-suited to serve as mid-layer when the winter gets deep. Regardless of its application, the jersey is equipped with three rear pockets complemented with a fourth, zippered pocket, which lets you keep keys and car...

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