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Two options define the top-end of Giordana's winter glove line: the AV Extreme and the AV 300 Winter Glove. The former is waterproof, which is desirable in some situations; the latter is water-resistant enough to fend off all but the most monsoon-like of deluges, but it also features warmer insulation. In conditions that allow for cycling, we find the AV 300 to be sufficiently water-resistant to keep us dry, and the additional insulation speaks for itself because, on those deep winter days where warmth becomes a necessity instead of a pleasure, it's virtually always enough. The AV 300 is built around a windproof, breathable membrane that keeps the chill out while exorcising internal moisture that, if allowed to haunt your gloves, will inevitably become clammy and then stingingly frigid. External moisture is just as dangerous in winter, and the AV 300 is water-resistant to encourage road spray and light to moderate precipitation alike to bead up and be on its way. The elemental protection shields an insulating interior that traps body heat to protect your hands, which are one of the most exposed parts of the body and prime suspects for lost heat on winter rides. In typical Giordana fashion, the gloves are finished with all the touchpoints covered: silicone grip across the palms and up the shift and brake fingers, TechTouch tips on those same digits, and the all-important wiping surface on the back of the thumb so you're not scraping winter boogers off your face with an abrasive softshell made more so by the cold. The extended cuff seals with a hook and loop strap, helping ensure there is no point of ingress between glove and sleeve.

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