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Enter storms with no fear, thanks to the Giordana AV 100 H20 Winter Jacket for men. Built tough, and ultra-lightweight, the AV 100 packs a punch against weather in wet and windy climates, with sealed seams and eVent's 3-layer DVAlpine fabric keeping moisture rolling away, while sealed seams keep drops from sneaking in through the cracks, and a DWR coating adds an extra water-beading shield to the mix. Packable, simple, and sleek, the AV 100 H20 is the perfect jacket for wet days without a chill on its own as a jersey, but can be layered underneath to insulate your core when the mercury drops. It's only fitting for a member of Giordana's Aqua+Vento line to be built as a completely waterproof jacket that breathes, which is why its designers opted to use eVent's 3-layer DVAlpine fabric to construct the AV 100 H20 Winter Jacket. DVAlpine wicks exceptionally well, while breathing with ease, setting standards high for waterproof technology so that you don't have to stress when a storm rolls over the mountains and your miles from cover. The jacket features Direct Venting technology, that uses its ultra-light shear lining to pill moisture away from skin to escape instantly to regulate your core temperature and stay desert-dry inside. The AV 100 H20 Winter Jacket doesn't have a fleece lining, unlike the burlier AV 200, which makes it lighter weight. What the AV 100 H20 lacks in insulation, it more than makes up for in waterproofing, with the ability to keep water beading and rolling off and cut through icy gusts without thinking twice. With the same waterproofing as its short-sleeve sibling, this jacket will offer more coverage in climates that get a little colder, and can be layered underneath for days when things get cold. Elevating protection to the next level, Giordana opts to throw another coating of waterproofing on the jacket with a DWR treatment that suspends water to the outer most layer of fabric to keep them beading and rolling off with ease. Three cargo po...

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