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Garmin's latest gadget, the Edge 530 Bike Computer, continues its excellent legacy of offering a trove of information at our fingertips for ride analysis and afterward at home. With its touchscreen, route planning and mapping, compatibility with various sensors, and connection with fellow riders and family at home, the 530 provides everything we want in a modern bike computer and gives us a little extra. It simply makes riding in places we've never been before and training effectively, easier and also makes the ride potentially safer. This particular model adds the sensor bundle of speed, cadence, and heart rate so you can get the most out of the 530.This Edge 530 includes the Garmin Cycle Map with popularity routing. Using its Garmin Connect database, Garmin finds well-ridden routes in your current location and even recommends the direction that's most popular. Additionally, it provides off-course recalculation assistance to quickly get you back to the start when needed. Returning features include group messaging and tracking letting you communicate with the pack without having to pull out the phone from your back pocket. So if the group takes a wrong turn or someone has a mechanical, if you're paired with GroupTrack, it's easy to regroup. It also receives assistance and compatibility with its Varia rearview radar and lights (sold separately) so you can see and be seen, while a new bike alarm rounds out the list of cycling safety features. The 530 is compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth sensors such as powermeters and includes speed (for indoor or outdoor training), cadence, and heart rate monitor, providing real-time metrics that you can view on the ride and analyze later. By paring with these compatible sensors, the 530 provides insights on your VO2 max, advises recovery time, training balance, heat and altitude acclimation, nutrition, hydration and more.Once connected to Garmin's Connect IQ store, you can easily customize the Edge 530 with free apps, widget...

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