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It's easy to take for granted just how powerful and information packed modern bike computers are. The ability to route maps, provide real-time rider data analysis, as well as keeping us connected with fellow riders and alert friends and family of our whereabouts has absolutely changed the way we ride. Today's computers keep us from getting lost, help us find new routes and trails in unfamiliar locations, allows us to train more effectively and challenges us, as well as helping us ride safer. The Edge 520 Plus Bike Computer with Mountain Bike Bundle from Garmin packs a lot of features into a tiny package that comes with a few additional accessories that make it ideal for the off-road set. The Edge 520 Plus comes out-of-the-box preloaded with full-color Garmin Cycle Map and Strava Live Segments offering turn-by-turn directions for discovering new rides and challenging yourself against personal best or other riders' segments. It also has a function to get you back to your starting point if you happen to get off course, have a mechanical, or otherwise have to call it a ride early. Another cool feature is the ability to message a rider without having to pull out the phone. So if you're not feeling it on the climbs or you think you're headed down the wrong trail, when paired with a compatible smartphone you can send prewritten notes from this Edge 520 Plus to other compatible Garmin devices. It's also super helpful if you say, get a flat and realize that you took your pump out of the hydration pack and forgot to put it back in, if the crew is paired with GroupTrack, they can easily find you. It's also compatible with Garmin's Varia line of cycling awareness devices such as its rearview radar and smart bike lights that are sold separately, giving you alerts on the display of approaching cars as well as helping drivers see you, helpful if you've got a good chunk of pavement to cruise before hitting the trailhead. As with most modern computers, this device works with A...

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