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Anyone who says you need a lot of travel to have a lot of fun has yet to ride the Following MB (More Better'er). This diabolical shredder can do so much more than its 4. 7-inches of rear travel would have you think, punching way above its weight class and giving bigger bikes a serious run for their money. In fact, that's the Following's M. O., to show you that less can be more--especially when it comes to having more fun, logging more miles, and sending more lines that are outside your comfort zone. And though Evil's bikes tend to gravitate toward the gravity spectrum, this is one that we wouldn't hesitate to pedal all day long, seeing as it's comfortable and efficient enough to do so without leaving you totally gassed by the time the sun sets. The truth is, we like the bike so much that we've put together this in-house build using a mix of reliable yet cost-effective components, all with the hope that more of you can see for yourself why the Following MB has earned such widespread critical acclaim across the industry. The Following MB's versatility is the secret to its black magic. We've built this one up with a 130mm Fox Factory fork and with the geometry flip-chips in the low position, you have a bike you can pedal all day and even give the XC crowd something to worry about. But if you flip the chips to x-low (extra low), you'll have an all-mountain ripper that won't back down from rugged enduro stages and can tackle trails most 4. 7in travel bikes have no business being on. We generally subscribe to n+1 when making a new bike purchase but the new Following is a serious quiver killer. Oh yeah, we almost forgot to mention that the Following MB is 27. 5+ compatible. At first glance Evil reserved judgment and chalked up plus tires as just another industry ploy to sell more bikes. After spending some serious time on plus bikes, Evil feels like they definitely have a place. After all, Evil's head honcho, Kevin Walsh, wasn't immediately warm to the idea of 29ers wh...

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