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Product Condition The Equipe Jersey - Mens is in Excellent condition This was previously owned for a month The following observations were made regarding this itemThere are no holes or rips in the materialThe fabric is not stained or faded from usehas some lint that should come offAll items sold as is all warranties voidSize Male XLColor Black InkRetail Cost 9999The Equipe Mens Jersey has long been a staple in Louis Garneaus line because it privileges straight-up simplicity over complicated often unnecessary construction details Given that approach its little surprise the Equipes latest generation is relatively unchanged however that doesnt mean the Canadian manufacturer didnt find room to tinker The new Equipe is made with softer fabric than its predecessors and two pocket updates an additional side pocket and a sweatproof phone pocketThe new fabric makes its own caseWho doesnt appreciate a softer touch when the conditions under the sun on the road are already hard enoughbut the new pockets warrant an explanation The sweatproof pocket helps protect your phone from your own exertion but wed still recommend a plastic bag for days it might rain The side pocket is for garbage like gel wrappers letting you stash that stuff without compromising your tubes phone CO2 or anything else you dont want to leave sticky Garneaus calling it an Enviro pocket which is apt if you consider that its one more reason to cart your cycling-related garbage homeEquipe Jersey DWGAKDC

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