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It's time to face it if you aren't using some form of interactive or smart indoor trainer, you're off the back. They simply make the workouts more enjoyable and effective and while it's not quite as good as riding outdoors, it's exciting enough to still keep us motivated to ride when the weather isn't ideal. We've always preferred rollers to trainers as its ability to improve our bike handling and pedal stroke is second to none, but we miss the ability to simulate grades and pair with our favorite training apps. And while we are aware of rollers that do possess adjustable resistance, we aren't aware, to this point anyway, of any that are interactive. That all changes of course with the Nero Interactive Rollers from Elite.Elite started with the floating system and design of its Quick-Motion rollers and added Arion Digital Smart B+ interactivity to it. Using two flywheels, Nero gives you a fluid and natural riding experience and the ability to interact with all kinds of apps, software, computers, smartphones, and tablets that use IOS, Android, macOS, and Windows operating systems. It's able to adjust its resistance based on the training session you're doing by using ANT+ and Bluetooth wireless communication protocols and immediately send all training data to programs, apps and software. Elite even includes a free 12-month subscription of its own My E-Training to get you started.This interaction with rollers is reason enough to get excited, but we'd be remiss if we didn't touch on some of its other details. Elite worked tirelessly to ensure amazing pedaling roundness. Thanks to the two flywheels in the rear rollers, pedaling roundness is 1200 times higher than its own Quick-Motion. Getting started on rollers is a daunting task even for experienced riders but Elite has made this easier with an integrated step offering a solid base when it's time to start or end your training sessions. And once you get going, its parabolic rollers shape at the ends help instantly gu...

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