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TAKE YOUR TALENT OUT TO THE CRAGYour project's not going to finally send itself while you're on the couch, so tie into the superlight Edelweiss Energy ARC 9.5mm climbing rope and go pull down. At just 58g per meter, the Energy won't weigh you down, but it might be the difference between sticking that desperate move or peeling off the wall for the umpteenth time. If you do go for a ride, the Perform 3 technology gives you a super-soft catch, while the HD Cover provides exceptionally smooth braking and rope handling for your belayer and easy clips for you. Edelweiss gave the Energy a bi-pattern ARC braid, too, so you'll always know where the midpoint is when you're hitting those rope-stretching crags. FEATURESPerform 3 technologyAdvanced Rope Control (ARC) bi-pattern designHD Cover sheathCenter mark

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