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RESPONSIBLE TIME TRAVEL It's a good thing that we're not The Doctor. We're probably not responsible enough to wield the immense power of time travel. Why, if we had a TARDIS of our owna | we'd probably end up using it to go back in time to get our hands on some Mr. T Cereal and some Orbitz soft drink. Sure, we COULD use a time machine to right the wrongs of the universe and we COULD stop evil Time Lords from interrupting the space-time continuum, but we're more interested in using time travel to taste snacks that are now extincta | Of course, we probably will never have the opportunity of getting our hands on a real time machine, but this Doctor Who TARDIS Union Suit sort of makes us feel like we have a time machine of our own! PRODUCT DETAILS The comfy union suit is officially licensed from the BBC show and is designed to look like the good Doctor's famous TARDIS. It even has the white windows embroidered onto the front and "DOCTOR WHO" embroidered onto the sleeve. It's made out of an ultra-soft fleece material that's so comfy, you could use them as pajamas! It fits with a zipper in the front and it comes with an attached hood for additional comfort, making it the easiest and most comfortable way to turn into the time machine from Doctor Who. LAZY TIME Whether you're a stalwart fan of the BBC series, or you just want access to clothing that will make you look like a time machine, this Doctor Who Union Suit is the comfiest way to do it! We recommend wearing it during your next Doctor Who marathon while you eat some snacks on the couch. And if you happen to have any Mr. T Cereal laying around, let us know.

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