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Suiting up as Wonder Woman So, you've decided to suit up as Wonder Woman. Great choice! It's gonna be a ton of fun, what, with all the saving the day for humanity and whatnot. But, we're here to dispell at least one myth about going as Wonder Woman. You don't need to wear a costume! Costumes are a ton of fun, but you don't need Wonder Woman armor, spandex, or even a skirt. All you need a smart fashion take. As long as it has one important requisite. It's got to have the Wonder Woman logo! We've got plenty of choices, but one of the best is this DC Comics Wonder Woman Logo Hi-Lo Tank. Product Details This Wonder Woman Logo Hi-Lo Tank is DC Comics officially licensed. It's 50% cotton and 50% polyester, in a stunning shade of red, and features a metallic Wonder Woman logo design printed on the front. This high neck muscle top will have you standing out, whenever you choose to wear it! Look Sharp You'll look sharp, and you'll look like a devotee of Thymiscira whenever you wear this Women's DC Comics Wonder Woman Logo Hi-Lo Tank. Of course, it'll be up to you to convince people that you're actually Wonder Woman, and the Bracelets of Submission of the Lasso of Truth might not be a bad idea to do that trick. (Hint hint: we sell both of those items here!)

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