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Long gone are the days when you'd be able to drop your little girl off at ski school and watch from afar as she learned to ski to the bottom of the bunny hill. Now that she's flying past you on the first run of the day it's time for Columbia's Alpine Action II Jacket.Triple layer action will keep her warm dry and ready for more even after you've already tired out by lunch. The waterproof Omni-Tech outer shell lined with a sealant on the most critical seams stops moisture in its tracks while the insulating layer underneath creates a buffer between her and the freezing temperatures. An additional thermal reflective lining acts as a mirror for heat by bouncing it back to where she needs it most. But the Alpine Action's best advantage is the Outgrown system. Extra fabric has been sewn into the sleeves to be lengthened as she grows from season to season making it a favorite of both you and your young lady.

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