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When storm clouds are looming and cold temperatures are pervasive, reach for your Nano Flex Pro 2 Bib Tight instead of hitting the indoor trainer. Castelli designs these to be lightweight, highly water-resistant bib tights. They provide insulation and water protection without giving up breathability or mobility, making them a perfect choice for any colder weather and not just rainy days. They are made from Castelli's new Nano Flex Xtra Dry fabric, which has a more tightly-knit composition and better water-repellency treatment than previous versions of the Nano Flex tights. This makes them more effective at retaining warmth and blocking precipitation. The number of seams has also been reduced to decrease the likelihood of water seeping in. Waterproof splash guards on the lower legs protect you from road spray and feature a reflective finish that enhances visibility to traffic in low light. A double-layer of material on the backside further shields from road spray projected by the rear tire. Because there is no membrane, these tights maintain breathability and moisture-wicking properties, making them ideal for intense workouts when perspiration is as big of a problem as the rain. The material is stretchy to avoid hindering mobility, unlike heavyweight rain pants, making them suitable for dry conditions as well. These are high-end bib tights so naturally Castelli includes their best insert, the Progetto X2 Air Donna. This women's-specific chamois has a stretchy layer next to the skin to keep you comfortable during movement, with some ventilation to aid in moisture management. The multi-density foam cushions your sit bones for long ride comfort without extra bulk in other areas.

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