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If your used bib shorts have more miles than a used car, it's worth splurging on a pair of fresh bibs that'll reinvigorate your riding potential and endurance on the road. Elevating comfort to realms previously unattainable with your old, beat-up bibs, the Capo Men's Padrone Aero Bib Shorts allow you to perform your very best without irritation sapping your ability to concentrate on the task ahead, regardless if you're riding ten miles at a spirited pace or one hundred in a slow, steady manner. The Padrone Aero Bib Short starts with a refined 12-panel design, which increases its overall comfort and maximizes support across hard-working muscle groups. High-gauge Lycra is both lightweight and buttery-smooth, stabilizing your muscles with compressive support when you're pushing yourself on long climbs and riding at a brisk cadence with the local club. The Lycra is then treated with Schoeller's Coldblack finish, which reflects harsh UV radiation from heating up the fabric and wreaking havoc on your body's ability to regulate temperature. Sitting at the center of this supportive bib short is Capo's Anatomic CS EIT chamois, which is comprised of multi-density elastic foam that absorbs jarring vibration when you're riding over broken pavement or racing on a stunningly stiff carbon frame. To ensure a secure fit around each leg, compressive leg bands hold steady while delivering optimal muscle support. Each leg band is finished with a silicone Capo insignia for a tasteful hint of signature appeal as you fly down the road.

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