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For some of us, the name Campagnolo stirs an air of nostalgia, but for others we see sleek Italian design and progression. Both are valid, as the brand's over-75-years of expertise has illustrated both its commitment to nearly every stage of cycling development, and its keen eye for the future. Campagnolo's Super Recrod 12 EPS Shifter and Hydraulic Caliper keep that forward momentum moving, with all of the bravado that made us fall for Campy to begin with. These featherweight, elite level shifters provide the trusted EPS electronic shifting that brought Campy to the forefront, plus a whopping 12-speeds, and the precise modulation and fierce stopping power of hydraulics. Campagnolo rethought the mold, quite literally, of lever design when it developed the EPS, or Electronic Power Shift, to surpass its mechanical shifters. While competitors integrated an adjustable lever position into their existing shifters' designs, Campagnolo engineers conducted studies on the ergonomic functionality of shifters to develop the e-Ergonomy Evolution, a re-design of the esteemed Ergopower Levers. Along with new dedicated hoods, the new levers follow the contours of the hand to create more contact and control, direct powerful braking, and full lever usage from any forward position on the bars, and for any hand size. The position of Lever Three, for downshifting, has also changed from the mechanical Super Record; it's now swept down into a smooth, longer contour that requires less compression, and nearly eliminates the long reach of its predecessor. The new Lever 3 makes the downshift more accessible from deep in the drops and more comfortable from the hoods. As expected, Campagnolo engineers have gone above and beyond to accommodate Campy purists wary of electronic shifting by retaining their 'one lever, one shift' motto, and by developing Multidome Technology. Not wanting to lose the feel of mechanical shifting, the shift levers push a sensor comprised of multiple metal layers t...

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