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Despite living in the shadow of their legendary Record and Super Record counterparts, the Campagnolo Chorus 11 Ergopower Shifters have developed their own devoted following. This may be because they incorporate the same shifting mechanism without the more exotic materials. It may be because a pro of 'cross-champion Compton's caliber actually chose to use Chorus shifters on the way to four national titles and while dominating in Europe because her component choices weren't limited by sponsorship. Whatever the reason, Chorus brings all that Campagnolo has to offer into a slightly heavier, more affordable range. For 2015, the Chorus Shifters enjoy the same redesigned cable pull ratio as Super Record and Record. It's been updated for faster, more precise shifting, which means the 2015 Chorus Shifters are incompatible with groups from 2014 and earlier. You can still effect a shift of up to three cogs on the downshift and five cogs on the upshift with one lever throw, though, a feature that remains a Campy exclusive. The big winner with the new shifting ratio comes up front. Each throw of the front shifter has three clicks. Shifting to the large ring requires all three clicks (via one swipe); shifting to the small ring requires two clicks with a third reserved for trim adjustment to avoid cross gearing. The 11-speed Chorus levers don't let you run through the entire cassette with a single lever throw like the old 10-speed Record levers do, but the ability to trim the front derailleur means a well-tuned drivetrain does allow all 22 gear combinations with minimal chain rubbing. The new Vari-Cushion silicone rubber hoods incorporate varying densities of hypoallergenic silicone and are textured with a waffle pattern on the inside for additional cushion. The external pattern is a return to the pebbly texture of Campy's old ten-speed models, but with a more structured, modern design than the old faux-leather, organic look. The tiny bumps provide traction while their surro...

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