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Confidently charge steeps, rail carves, and boost jumps on the Burton Feelgood Flying V Snowboard. Featuring a more forgiving Flying V profile, this board is the sister version of the full-cambered Feelgood that is used in halfpipes and parks around the world. As a more playful version of the original, it still packs plenty of pop and power but adds some float and versatility to help you rip any terrain with precision. The Flying V profile is more versatile and forgiving than its pure camber alternatives, allowing you to jib through the rail yard and float across deep powder without the catchy, overly aggressive bite of camber holding you back. Directional shaping helps you navigate variable terrain and stay afloat in powder without making it so you can't take off and land switch when you're in the park. The Squeezebox core profiling and tip-to-tail carbon add plenty of rebound and response to absorb chatter and offer additional, and the ultra-fast Sintered WFO base keeps you flying wherever you ride.

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