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Arva's Neo+ Safety Pack includes the Neo+ beacon, Access TS shovel, Light 240 Compact probe--necessary tools for any backcountry travelers. The Neo+ beacon is an upgraded version of the Neo, boasting new features to aid in faster and more efficient searches. It's particularly impressive because it's a three-antenna beacon--designed to eliminate spikes, or the situation where your beacon incorrectly points to a location that isn't near the victim--with the ability to push its search strip width up to 70 meters, as opposed to the previous version's 60 meters. This means you can pick up the victim's signal from farther away to get on track faster, helping to save precious time. If the slide has buried multiple victims, the multiple victim indication feature will display the victims, and you can mark each as you find them so your partner can start probing to save time. And, if you are caught in hangfire when you have the beacon in search mode, it will automatically switch back into send mode after a few minutes of inactivity, allowing you signal to be picked up. Auto check and group check functions mean you can always diagnose yours or your partner's beacons before you set out into the backcountry, and the newly designed holster protects the search button on the beacon to ensure it can't accidentally switch from transmit to send mode, which could risk your chances of being located if you're caught in a slide. Next up is the Access TS shovel, which is lightweight, compact, and most importantly easy to use. Its telescoping shaft lets you pick the length that will be most efficient for whatever scenario you're in, and the large aluminum blade can move large amounts of snow for fast digging. The probe is light, too, and is simple to deploy in an emergency, thanks to its quick locking system and dependable Kevlar tension cord. It features a textured grip at the top, which makes it easy to operate, even with wet gloves on.

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