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Dialing in the proper bike fit might require a zero-offset post on some frames while others might need a bit of offset depending on its seat tube angle. That's what makes the Zero 25 Team Stealth Seatpost from 3T so great. So if you're switching over to a new build or still dialing in the fit on your current steed, 3T lets you experiment, while exuding its elegant Italian style and functional design into a seatpost that looks great on any machine. The Zero 25 Team's unique design offers both zero and 25mm offset in the same post with a sleek design with maximum versatility. This allows you to try different saddle positions and easily dial in the fit if you happen to change saddles with varying lengths. The secret of the Zero 25 Teams multiple personalities lies in its head design. By easily swapping the left and right, internal and external cups, you can achieve a zero offset in one position and have a 25mm offset in the other. Either way, you're treated to a lightweight, unidirectional carbon post with durable stainless steel hardware that works with virtually any saddle rail material.

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