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When you look at (or pick up) a race bike from the '70s, you have to wonder how cyclists of that era could race at all. Not only were the bikes heavy, but they incorporated some design ideas that you would never find on a modern bicycle. Not all the ideas were bad, however. Round drop bars, for example, have survived test of time. However, we spend a lot less time in the drops these days, so it only makes sense that the more comfortable flattened tops would gain popularity. Lovers of the old school rejoice: the 3T Tornova Team Stealth Carbon handlebar combines these two design ideas. By combining the aesthetics of its classic bend bars, with subtle ergonomic details pilfered from its more progressive shapes, the Italian masterminds have created a handlebar that's incredibly comfortable, while maintaining the beautiful lines we love so dearly. The Stealth version of the Tornova Team handlebar trades 3T's bright, colorful graphics for elegant gloss and satin black. We're no luddites, but we do love the aesthetics and feel of a classic bend bar, and 3T's Rotundo has long been a benchmark in this category. That made the Rotundo the perfect starting point when designing the Tornova's progressive shape. It maintains the Rotundo's long/deep reach, but adds two degrees of flare to the drops, which results in the bottom of the hooks being 1cm wider than the listed center to center measurement. Much has changed since the advent of the classic long/deep shape, and the most notable, at least for our purposes here, is the change from riding primarily in the drops, to riding on the hoods. Accordingly, the Toronova Team Carbon features a slight reshaping of the top of the bend, which allows the hoods to extend off the bar in a smooth line, thereby improving your comfort for the long haul. And it's rounded off with a flattened top section that's reminiscent of the Ergonova. In other words, 3T took the best attributes of each of its handlebars, and used them to concoct a bar tha...

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